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Valuation Inquiries

The single most common question I am asked here is "What is the value of my piece?" and it's the most difficult to answer fairly since I'm not an appraiser, not an artist, and I'm not current with every auction or entity which might have recently sold a piece.  Essentially my answer is the same for all who ask:  They are worth what someone will give you for them or what you're willing to pay to own and admire the piece for your own enjoyment.

As pure investment pieces, my experience hasn't shown them to be widely collected and sought after by large numbers of collectors-- perhaps those collectors exist and merely have no interest in the pieces that are typically available online.  The volume of collectors might change someday as artists frequently become more collectible and 'interesting' to people long after works were originally distributed.  There are many pieces available online and a good volume of these have been available at or about the same asking prices for years.  Asking prices vary from a relatively affordable couple hundred dollars on up to several thousands for the most expensive pieces.  Some are priced with a valuation so high that the owners are clearly using the pieces as "Google food' to have and display diverse online content merely to attract visitors to their websites. 

While it may give you comfort to own a piece and see a gallery offering to sell a similar one for thousands of dollars, asking and getting are two different things.  They are worth what you will give or what someone will give you and that's subjective for all of us.  I have pieces in my personal collection that are priceless-- to me.  Others are interesting and were interesting when I acquired them, but I'm not as married to them in my home as some others.  Would I sell them?  Probably not, but as of yet no one is asking me to offer them up.  That makes me think they are more about a personal connection to the art than about an investment in something of monetary value.  You may see it differently.

I appreciate seeing your photos and receiving your occasional emails but when you ask me about valuations I'm going to direct you back to this page.  I cannot create something you can use for insurance purposes or tell you whether or not something is priced fairly for you to buy or sell.  It's not my place to decide.
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