JB Thompson -- Artwork and Information About The Artist   (Updated September 19, 2019)
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For those of you like me who were [or are] drawn to Thompson's works, there just wasn't anything out there to show his artwork off.  After many years of searching (before and after the internet made searching somewhat routine) and, literally, nothing more than an occasional reference to a piece sold at auction somewhere, I started compiling what I had found from various reference sources.  There wasn't much but many of you who have connected have filed in a few of the blanks and added to the display of images showing Thompson works.

I started casually collecting this artist after seeing a phenomenal piece, Star's End, in a small gallery in Northern California in the early 80's [the gallery was Continental Galleries in Yuba City-- Tom, if you're out there, I remember you and wish you well].  I eventually bought Star's End and a few other pieces but found gathering information about known collections and availability of individual pieces almost non-existent.  My personal 'collection' as it were is at 42 pieces (I think), most bought randomly as they've come to my attention and most for almost nothing (sorry-- for those of you hoping that Mom and Dad left you a valuable masterpiece treasure, I just haven't seen this to be the case-- most of my pieces cost infinitely more to frame and make presentable than the pieces themselves. 

My collection is a hobby more than anything else.  We used to try and hang the pieces in our home but have long ran out of wall space so now several sit in a guest room waiting a permanent home.  Someday they'll all end up being donated to a gallery or museum somewhere they can be properly displayed-- things of beauty should find a permanent home and people should be able to see things that others have created and imagine what must have been crossing the artist's mind during the creative process. 

Several folks out there have dropped me a note letting me know about their special connection to JB, his wife Sue, or to his son, Kris (both Sue and Kris have been in touch via this site and have expressed pleasure at seeing JB's works displayed here).  A few other folks that knew one or all of them "way back when" have shared a memory, a photo, or just a well-meant thought.  As for information about JB, in several cases I will simply re-publish writings I've discovered as they were originally published.  I'll let you know when these are lifted precisely from the originals by citing the source at the end. 

If you have more documentation, photos of pieces you own, or other relevant data about a piece or about JB, point it in my direction and, like much of what's here on this site, I'll upload the information and photos and make these visible to all. 

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